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Allison Schrager, in her widely circulated article from last week advocating that the continental U. reduce its time zones from four to two, cited China as an example of why such a change would be less problematic than people would expect.Maybe so, but the single time zone does present odd sights: In the summer, for instance, it isn’t uncommon in Urumqi, Xinjiang's capital, to see people enjoying a beautiful sunset ... Or for the sun to rise there in the winter around 10 AM.In order to accommodate people inconvenienced by the time zone change, shops and restaurants in Xinjiang often adjust their hours—but the effect can still be disorienting for the unaccustomed traveler. In 1912, the year after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the newly empowered Republic of China established five different time zones in the country, ranging from five and a half to eight and a half hours past Greenwich Mean Time.

And this decision to unify the whole country under one time zone was hardly unprecedented: newly-independent India, for example, had instituted a similar policy just two years before.For most people in China, the single time-zone is at most a mild inconvenience, a scheduling quirk that simply requires a little adjustment.But in Xinjiang, the question of time divides the region’s population.Among Han Chinese, Justin Jacobs, a Xinjiang expert at American University, told me, use of Beijing Standard Time is universal: “that there’s another clock is not even something the Han think about.” But much of the Uighur population prefers to use their own time.In Urumqi, a city in Xinjiang's east populated mostly by the Han, Beijing Standard Time suffices.

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