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Which is exactly what the company has needed for more than three decades.

Because, not since the cute little Alfasud of the 1970s and early 80s, has a model in its line-up had so much weight heaped on its shoulders.

The recent Giulietta owes its very existence to this little car and, between the two models, there’s a fairly decent gauge of future output from this famed, historic company.

But before we consider the diminutive Mi To, it’s worth looking back even further to the truly gorgeous 8C supercar.

It was – and still is – a halo model for a troubled firm that needed to recapture the imagination of Joe Public.

So few were produced that the chances of seeing one are limited at best but it was a decent enough platform from which to launch an entirely different approach to building cars that, not only tug at the heartstrings, but appeal on a sensible, non-emotional level, too. Built by Maserati and infused with the DNA of the very best of Italy, it wasn’t exactly perfect.

Alfa Romeo has launched another limited edition car in the UK called the Alfa Romeo Mi To Sprint.Available in three different color options including Alfa Red, Biancospino White and Tornado Blue, this limited edition car is equipped with a set of fog lights, a rear spoiler, ‘Sprint’ badges and a set of 16-inch alloy wheels.Meanwhile standard equipments include: cruise control, leather steering wheel and gearshift, remote audio controls on steering wheel, Blue & Me Bluetooth hands-free voice recognition system and a multimedia player with a USB port.The Alfa Romeo Mi To Sprint is now available for purchase in the UK for 13,295 GBP (about ,453) for the 1.4-liter 16V 95 hp model, 16,395 GBP (about ,456) for the 1.4-liter Multi Air TB 135 hp model or 14,845 GBP (about ,955) for the 1.3-liter JTDM-2 95 hp model.Model Tested: 2010 Alfa Romeo Mi To, turbocharged four-cylinder, petrol, five or six-speed manual transmission So, after giving the Brera a good roasting last week in almost every respect apart from its undeniably lovely appearance, it’s time to take a look at the car that really did kick-start Alfa Romeo’s recent renaissance: the Alfa Romeo Mi To.

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