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According to the dating site statistics, black women get the least amount of responses. If you were not able to find the ideal mate in your own race, would you consider dating outside of your race? The next set of questions/statement consists of a thought exercise to help you uncover your underlying thoughts and feelings about interracial dating.

So is it that black women do not want to date outside their race or is it that society has painted a picture that black women are not datable? How would dating outside your race change your identity? There is no right or wrong answers to this exercise.

With that in mind, are you a black woman that desires to find a mate that shares your same values? You will be able to sift out your concerns and reactions toward interracial dating in order for you to make a healthy choice when deciding to date. Do I believe that people should only date within their race?

Consider these statements about dating outside your race: 1.

Interracial Dating: Hot Topic with African American Women Are you an African American woman who has dated outside her race? If I become more open to dating outside of my race, I might have more options as to finding someone that meets all of my competing needs, desires and wants.

You may have had many responses, reactions, ambivalences and other experiences that were both positive and negative. Our society puts emphasis on finding the right partner and even takes polls to pigeonhole the “best” race to date. Having a wider pool of possible dates opens up options. Our hope as therapists is to help you find a path that makes sense for you.

You dared to step out of the mold and expand your view to date a person rather than an ethnicity (in the situations that are absent of dating to boost social standing, financial gain, or dislike of your own ethnicity). This can be absurd especially when big weight is put on the opinions of the few who participate in the polls. Will my family accept my boyfriend if he is of a different race? There is a shortage in the pool of black men to date and I will limit options if I don’t explore dating outside of my race. Whether your decision is to date within your race or outside of your race, it is completely up to you. You have the power to find a person that fulfills the characteristics that meet your basic needs of race, color, culture, economics, body, humor, kindness, intelligence, life style choices of children, location to live, style of living.

I’m a bit surprised at men’s openness to interracial dating.

While I’ve personally dated women across the racial spectrum, I’ve only had a handful of clients who ever expressed preferences for women of other races.

With those statistics add to it the lack of pairing because of personality incongruencies, incarceration, gay men or African American males dating outside their race it appears that the true ratio puts African American women at lesser odds to be paired with an African American male. One poll taken asks people which races of women were more desirable. You have the ability to create the kind of world that you want to live in.

So, why then are black women apprehensive to date outside their race? My friends and family won’t fully embrace my partner if I date outside my race. Lack of opportunity because I am surrounded by more black males than any other race. Men from other races seem to have a bias against black women. I don’t want to be considered a “sell out” for dating outside my race. Needless to say, Black women were at the bottom of the list. If you are having trouble identifying your thoughts and feelings about this topic, please feel free to make an appointment in Center City at The Center for Growth to have a therapeutic conversation with a counselor about this topic.

Some common arguments that black women have for not dating outside their race is: 1. This type of poll makes black women appear less desirable and unlovable.

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