Ana ivanovic dating

After meeting through common friend Andrea Petkovic, the two were then photographed in New York City holding hands.

Does this mean Ana will soon be holding hands with Roger Federer as well?

There was Gabriela Sabatini, there is Maria Sharapova but Ana is someone who is also regarded among tennis fans as being one of the most pleasing personalities on the tour.Wherever Ana goes, she makes friends with people almost instantly and can spare time within the most gruelling of schedules, even if she is sometimes having to play two matches a day because of rain interruptions. She has dated some of the most high-profile names in tennis and beyond.Her relationship with Spanish heart-throb Fernando Verdasco was one of the most talked about but that didn't end on a very happy note.The majority of once-sweet marriages in tennis have failed over the years.The marriage bond between American legend Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf though stands as an exception.

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Here's hoping that Schweinsteiger's football and Ana's tennis make a rare, good pair that lasts forever.

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