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At Role Play Gateway, we aim to provide a community where you are welcomed with a warmness that is unmatched, made to feel right at home, and given the freedom of not being monitored by the staff.

We will never delete a roleplay thread that has been brought to life on our forums.

We are not the type of organization that will be unrealistically strict, nor will we come down like a ton of bricks issuing bans and official warnings at the first opportunity.

Instead we wish to issue our new (and old) players into a world of unrivaled freedom of play. Free Form Role Play, is what Role Play Gateway is all about.

For about almost 8 years coming to this chat site, I never thought that I meet so many people I care about today! Pregnancy chat is great for young moms and dads to get together and talk and share their thoughts and feelings with others, met some great mates in this chat room, hey liz ,rach, savvy, tess n zo luv you all xxx The greatest thing I have found about the teen chat rooms would have to be the different kinds of people you can find.

I totally recommend this place to meet really cool Fr Ea KS on here. No matter what you are feeling, you can ALWAYS find someone who is going through the same. Teen chat is a great place to meet different people. Teen Chat is the ONLY chat site i'll go to anymore! I stopped comin here for a while but I always seem to come back!

I've met some good people, and encountered some bad.

It is our goal to successfully accommodate the skillful and creative minds of roleplayers world wide. But a community cannot possibly grow or become stable from a singular common interest like roleplay.

So, to involve a more diverse crowd, all members will find that throughout the site there are many non-roleplay threads and discussions happening all the time.

From general discussions and debates, gaming, martial arts, and technology chat, to places where you can show off skills such in areas like music, art, and writing.

Alongside the forums, we also have an integrated chat service that will allow you to talk to staff and other members in real time, along with being able to roleplay in a chat style.

E nevoie doar de câteva ore petrecute la Alba Iulia pentru a-ți arăta ţie şi a le demonstra şi tuturor celor care te însoţesc, că întoarcerea în timp este posibilă.

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