Backing up updating and restoring ios software

Older OS devices need to do so in i Tunes on a computer.

When setting up a new device in i Tunes, you should see the "welcome" screen below as soon as it is connected and verifies the device.

You can choose to set up as a new device or restore from your backup.

Backup sizes are usually between 500MB and 1.2GB.i OS 5 is required for i Cloud.

Select your device from the sidebar, and in the Summary tab, directly to the right of the Back Up Now button, is the Restore from Backup button.

In older versions of i Tunes, the button will be As a reminder, restoring from a backup wirelessly using i Cloud requires a device with i OS 5.0 or later, and so does setting up the device without i Tunes.

If you are getting a new device and want to restore the data from an old one, or you restored your device in order to troubleshoot a problem and want your data back, or for any other reason you want to restore data, this article will explain how to make a backup and restore a device to that backup.

A backup is done automatically if your device is charging (plugged in, either to a computer or an outlet), connected to Wi-Fi, and in sleep mode (display is off but phone is on). You can also tap "Manage Storage" under the Storage & Backup menu to see backups for all of your devices, and what date and time they were made.

i Cloud allocates 5GB of storage for free for backing up.

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