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While very similar to Digg, it does offer some additional features, such as trackback support, automatic title discovery, and RSS import functionality.

It also has a small community that is actively working on new mods and templates.

Some of the more interesting Pligg-based sites are Plug IM, Sk*rt, Sphinn and Simply Fired.

News Cloud News Cloud is another content management system that has a story ranking feature.

As social sites grow in popularity, so does the desire for smaller niche-based networks that cater to smaller groups of people.

Just look at the rise of social networks for chess players and wine.

What's more, with the latest open source software, smaller sites can be built in a matter of days or weeks.

Here are 10 open source software platforms on which to carve out your niche.

The default layout is slightly more newsy than Digg-like.

Drupal with Vote up/down module Most know Drupal as one of the more popular open source content management systems available.

If there's one site people love to emulate with their own niche versions, it's Digg.

Fortunately, there are good platforms to do just that.

Pligg It seems that every hour, a new Pligg-based site is born.

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