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I was in heaven before I was fully undressed and the hour we spent together was perfect.

She is coming back to sydney and I cant wait to be with her again – Di, the more regular you visit sydney, the happier I will be! She is totally natural, no fake tits, no fake tan, no fake movie star hairdo, no fake moaning.

She does not hide the fact that she is a BBW, and I must emphasise the BEAUTIFUL part.

She has a very pretty face, much better than her pics.

If the comments on this page help you to make the decision to see me, then please pay it forward and make a comment of your own after you have been to see me. I am quite happy to transcribe a few words with you. She is a witty intelligent person, always smiling and an absolute delight to be with. From the moment she greeted me at the door until the time she kissed me goodbye, it was a treat and a great pleasure to succumb to her charm and sensuality.

look forward to spending more time with her in the future. The wonderful day it was when I saw Di, She is most Beautiful and gorgeous. Apart from being a skilled lover, she was also an interesting conversationalist who made me feel comfortable in her company. I was lucky enough to finally meet Di on her current visit to Sydney. From the time she opened the door I knew I was in for a wonderful experience.

Nothing is fake, I want to visit once again very soon. Di is absolutely gorgeous and knows how to make a man feel special.

Her kisses are beautiful and her hands work wonders.

Due to a mixup in communications, our actual meeting time was 45 minutes later than due, but to her credit Di gave me extra time at the end.I had told her that my favorite things were dfk and oral, and to her credit she excelled at both, and it was just to my liking, very compatible.A big thank you to whom ever enjoyed my service enough to nominate me.This is my 4th nomination in the Best Sole Operator Category. If you have seen me previously and think I deserve a nomination or vote…please visit the above site and follow the instructions.

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You can vote as many times as you like but only once a day. Spent one of the nicest afternoons in the company of Di.

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