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Or the giant silver cockerel that guards the grassy traffic interchange at Deepdene, in Dorking (it represents the five-toed variety of chicken peculiar to this area).And for interpretation of a concept into full-blown roundabout reality, the prize for thoroughness and commitment has to go to Seaside Garden, at Herne Bay, in Kent.Here the notion of a traffic island has been given a whole new marine twist, in the form of a sea-blue-painted perimeter, encircling not just a bit of shingle and a few waving grasses, but a full-sized boat and a pair of brightly painted beach huts.Meanwhile, in Truro, the message on the huge Trafalgar roundabout is spelt out in lettuces.Not only have the members of the city’s horticultural department created a full-scale image of the county’s winged emblem, the Cornish chough, but they have also announced their success in the annual Britain in Bloom contest, by creating the message “National BIB Finalist” in edible leaf form.

Meanwhile, the Colyton roundabout, just outside Cardiff, is so large (1,800ft by 500ft) that local nature groups organise guided tours for the botanically minded. Despite being surrounded and overshadowed by both the M4 and A470, this accidental patch of greenery plays host to two species of crickets (long-winged conehead and slender groundhopper).

It also features five species of orchid: southern marsh, bee orchid, pyramidal, common twayblade and not just the normally pink common spotted, but rare crimson and purple variants, some of which have been dug up and removed by local flower-rustlers.

Far from being functional barriers to stop cars crashing into each other, they are horticultural beacons.

As well as encouraging road safety, they are a showcase for cutting-edge British garden design.

We begin our trip in Yorkshire, where, on a roundabout in Leeds, an exuberant mass of purple and yellow flowers has been arranged in the shape of the Lexus car logo.

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Moving on to Harrogate, we drive around the magnificent new Diamond Jubilee roundabout on Royal Parade, in the middle of which stands a wrought-iron crown, spilling over with red, white and blue flowers.

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