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I do need the occasional pennis every now and then but i do prefer women. Their strength, confidence, touch and even their smell. So for a couple of years I went through a phase of seeing guys for a month, then I'd meet a girl and start seeing her, and miss having a guy to service and go back to guys and then miss having a woman to cuddle with... I just have to get over and move from fantasy too reality. I was laying on the sand, surrounded by some bushes that kept me apart from the eyes of the other people from the beach. A friend who I’ve been having sex with while I’m traveling, Matt, met this guy, Steve who he has been talking with on the phone for the past month or so. stories are straight, there have been some rumors of me being homosexual but most of these aren't true - some troll once used my email address to subscribe me to a gay dating site or something but as far as i'm concerned, it had nothing to do with me. I've known I was bisexual since I was 18, now 5 years later, on national coming out day, I chose to let that part of me out from the dark. After my first experience with another guy, I knew I woud repeat it often.

Ai female can pleasure me more than a man because a female knows what i need to really give me multiple ******* and... It's wonderful to have a strong man take me, love me and penetrated me. My husband and I went to a Swingers club last night just to check it out. I had dozed when, suddenly, I woke feeling someone scrutinizing me. A few very close friends already knew, and were extremely supportive. Just because I'd always been so positive I was straight. The more I slept with men, the more I realized I preferred going to bed with other men more thand going to bed with women. Last month when he was in business trip I asked my niece to spend a night with me. That night I noticed she dressed very s.e.x.y, a red mini skirt with yellow open top and when she was sitting on sofa I noticed she was...

The next morning I let the girls sleep in until about AM. Not only was I not sure what to expect, but didn't think anything would happen. A man, would he been ten years older than me, looked at me. I went and posted it on , revealing this oh-so-private part of myself... For some unknown reason, their are people out there who think that bi people are "only bi for the attention" or "not ready to admit they're just gay" both of which are really dismissive of our sexuality. when I was younger being obsessed (not like wanting to touch myself to them) to describe it. I was advised it might be "a phase" so I waited a few months and the only thing that happened was the feelings got stronger. sexuality..I will answer that question this time because I don't thing it matter if the person I am interested in is female or male. Instead going on the beach, I preferred a nude pool.

And I considered myself as bisexual because i am attracted to both male and female, but now I don't know where i... We shared everything between us from our childhood. and see where it goes, I'm a closeted bi male looking for a MOC with a female between the ages of 23-29! We decided to go shopping so I went upstairs to take a shower before we left.

ever since i was a young girl, i have known I wasn't straight. and a guy picked me up and once we had got back to the city he asked me if I could return the "favour".By high school i had a relationship with two girls (not at the same time), never had a boyfriend. Next thing we are in a car park at night in the back seat and I am ******* him off and eating his butt out, then he shot his load over my face while I ate him out A few days later, my friend and I were at my house just sitting around talking.When I was young my cousin touched me inappropriately. i woke up the next morning with my friend riley cuddled up next to me she woke up almost right after i did and i jokingly said "Good morning beautiful" She smiled and kissed me on my...I hardly remember all that happened cause I was 4 but she touched my little ***** and told me this is what grownups do and it feels good. : P I had some difficulty figuring out my sexuality during my teenage years. We went into the house and I went to get some fresh towels for the girls to use after their showers.She showed me how to ********** and we use to hump each other. I had always been attracted to men but then when a sudden taste for girls came along, that got a little confusing had me struggling with my identity for a bit. As I was walking down the hallway I could hear the shower was already on.

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