Chelsea handler still dating 50 cent

I said something like, ‘You’re like a street person,’ basically.

Something along the lines of being a gangster, and it was really, really offensive and I hung up, and I’ve never spoken to him again.” She added, “When I told my friends what I said, they were like, ‘You will never hear from him.

This is, like, a proud black man you basically tore apart and put to shame.’” But in her mind, apparently, she bedded him, so there’s simply no way she was racist. As I’ve noted before, by that logic, Thomas Jefferson, Strom Thurmond and every other white man in power who fathered children with black women weren’t racists, either.

Using your black friends to shield you is the tacky way out—no matter how you look at it.

But it’s even worse hiding behind a sexual partner—particularly one whom you’ve admitted to denigrating when he wasn’t around.

It’s well-known that Handler once dated rapper 50 Cent, and she later admitted that during a disagreement they had over the fact that she was going to interview one of his ex-girlfriends on her talk show, she demeaned him in a way that, at least tangentially, had to do with race.

As she told shock jock Howard Stern: “I think I called him the worst thing you could say to a black person, short of calling him the n-word.

Though Chelsea Handler’s real sin may be the fact that she’s painfully unfunny, she managed to offend this week for another reason.

Another high-profile white person gets in hot water for a racially charged remark and then chooses to deploy the Black Friend Defense.Only, in Handler’s case, this time it’s specifically the Black Boyfriend Defense.It’s been nearly three years since rumors began circulating that 50 Cent was dating comedian Chelsea Handler. Handler discussed her relationship with the G-Unit general, calling him “a sweetheart.” Still, Handler said that their relationship wasn’t terribly serious, quipping that she wouldn’t date anyone with a number for a name. And I was like, ‘I’m not gonna date somebody whose name is a number,’” she quipped. Earlier this year, Howard Stern grilled 50 Cent about his past with Handler on his Sirius XM Radio show. He came on my show [in 2010] and he sent me flowers. I do think he’s a really nice guy and I think he’s smart in a certain way,” she recalled.Handler went on to describe the fall-out of their relationship, revealing that the two parted ways after he called to inform her that an ex-girlfriend was upset they were dating.

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