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Before the nation watched, riveted but powerless, as Los Angeles was looted and burned. This was uncharted territory just a short time ago. Many of these reporters now comprise CNN's "old guard." Bernard Shaw became CNN's chief anchor until his retirement in 2001.

to distinguish the American channel from its international sister network, CNN International. The company has 36 bureaus (10 domestic, 26 international), more than 900 affiliated local stations (which also receive news and features content via the video newswire service CNN Newsource), and several regional and foreign-language networks around the world.

Since its debut, CNN has expanded its reach to a number of cable and satellite television providers, several websites, and specialized closed-circuit channels (such as CNN Airport).

CNN quickly reported on the story, and the event helped make its name. Because it was unable to immediately broadcast live pictures from Baghdad, CNN's coverage of the initial hours of the Gulf War had the dramatic feel of a radio broadcast – and was compared to legendary CBS news anchor Edward R.

The New York Times ran a retrospective article in 1995 on the impact of live video news: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is worth many times that, and a live moving picture makes an emotional connection that goes deeper than logic and lasts well beyond the actual event. Murrow's gripping live radio reports of the German bombing of London during World War II.

This was before correspondents reported live from the enemy capital while American bombs were falling. Despite the lack of live pictures, CNN's coverage was carried by television stations and networks around the world, resulting in CNN being watched by over a billion viewers worldwide – a feat that led to the subsequent creation of CNN International.

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