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It should be noted, than the conditions stipulated by the foreign law must not conflict with the provisions of Article 14 of the Family Code of RF, which lists the circumstances that preclude the entry into a marriage: one of the persons who enter into a marriage, is already married; persons are close relatives to each other; persons are for each other adoptive parents or adopted children; one of the persons is confessed in the court as legally incapable.For clarity, we present the following situation: Russian woman has decided to get married to a citizen of Lebanon, in Russia, but it turned out that the beloved Lebanese had already tied the bond of marriage in his state. fiance in Russia can not be registered because it contradicts the requirements of Article 14 of the RF FC.A citizen of another state can not conceal the fact of the marriage, because the registry office will require a certificate stating that he is not in a registered marriage, and if he had previously been married, he must submit a document proving the divorce.You can choose a password length of not more than 50 characters.

With these qualities, they stand out from the girls from other countries, which usually put a career on the first place, and start to think about the personal life and family after they reached the first goal.Russian women's aspiration to marry a foreigner is caused by the desire to live a "normal life", and by the physical shortage of home grooms.When marrying between citizens of other countries, we need to consider a number of legal nuances, in order not to be trapped subsequently.Form, order, conditions of marriage with foreigners, and the legal consequences of such marriages are governed by the Family Code of the Russian Federation.The Family Law of RF has highlighted two main points in marriage to foreigners: Registration of marriage to a foreign citizen in the territory of the Russian Federation; Registration of marriage with a representative of another country outside of the Russian Federation.

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When marriage with foreigner in the RF the procedure and form of its conclusion is established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and the conditions of the marriage shall be established for the person under the law of the country of which he is.

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