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Heard come up to present the FY16 Budget Update (summarized below): 1. District 5 will propose the budget to the Anderson County Board of Education on June 8, and the budget will be voted on by the Board of Trustees on June 9. Base Student Cost: ,220/student = minimal funding (seldom met): 8,347.00 total projected c. Tier III Act 388 (2007 property tax assessment from the state) b. Increase rehired retiree employment to 80% salary: ,550 iii. Preschool CDEP (4K): 0,000 (free at 70% poverty rating) b. Other savings: repurposed dollars: 0,000 (savings throughout the budget this year…” to offset debts) 7. All employees that did not retire have been placed for next year.” 6. Total personnel savings: ,572,000 **”No employee was terminated due to loss of positions.

Millage to increase by 2.8%, therefore 4.5 mills or approx. Wilson interjected mentioned that paying down the debt is most important.** 4. A public notice of the public budget hearing will post this weekend. Other State funding: 0,000 to offset health insurance increases d. Total 193.5 (lowest in total of the 5 districts) **Mr. Tonight’s Meeting of the Whole for Anderson County School District 5 saw a packed house. An overflow crowd stretched into the halls and even the lobby. The meeting opened promptly at PM with all Trustees present, along with many of Mr. What follows is a detailed outline of that meeting.

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