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Later the parents will get a calculation and mostly you can`t do anything against this bills.There are also a lot of websites which ask for the enter of personal data.For different forums for exampel you have to enter your first and family name and sometimes even your address. But these websites aren`t always safed across from attacks of thirds.Most of the teenagers (-- denken sich nichts dabei, wenn sie diese Daten angeben! Thereby criminell could absorb this information and use for their own intentions.Wheter chatting with friends by Instant Messangers like ICQ or AIM which you all know; downloading movies or music or the search for information for school or other things: Teenagers are the main aim group (Hauptzielgruppe?) But the Internet doesn`t have only positive aspects: There are also a lot of dangers! The first points I want to mention are cowerd charges and the spy out of personal data.There are a lot of websites which seem to be for free but if you read the fine print you will see that the use is not for free.But most of the teenagers don`t read this fine print and usw the site.

More fatal than the points I`ve already mentioned are violence and pornography.The Internet is a free medium which you can regulate (--- welches man nur schwer oder gar nicht regulieren kann? Everybody is able to publish everything he wants to.Teenagers and the danger of the Internet The Internet - an invention wich changed peoples` daily life for the first time in 90s.The Internet makes it easy to get information and it gives us the possibilities to communicate with people all over the world.Today you can find a computer with internet access in almost every household - and it`s mostly used by youths.

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Teenagers of all ages use the Internet for several activities.

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