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Darcy is a romantic comedy short film that follows the journey of Charlotte - an independent, career-driven, accomplished woman who harbours a secret love for the great romantic novels and dashing heroes of Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters. Or will she find that fairytale romances are best left in the books? Darcy’s inception dates back to the Script Development MA module of the Digital Film and Television course at University of York, for which this screenplay received a First Class final mark.

Born from the idea of real-life Charlotte and director/screenwriter Federica Brizzi, Dating Mr.

Darcy is a final MA project that involves some of the finest creative minds of our University and in the city of York.

We are a group of international film enthusiasts coming from the four corners of the world (Italy, Chile, the UK, France, and Malaysia!

Only imagine the various romantic (or not so romantic? He’s a bit older than you expected, but is well dressed and possessed of impeccable manners.

He drives an expensive but understated car and opens the door for you. So far, it looks like you’ll be spending night alone in front of the telly in your fuzzy socks and t-shirt with nothing but a bottle of cheap red and Graham Norton for company.

You feel treasured, like a piece of fine Limoges china. Make no mistake, George Wickham is one smokin’ hot man. Beware – this one is intelligent, and an excellent and challenging conversationalist, but he has a distressing tendency to berate, reprove, criticize and admonish your every move. But there’s one more date left on the week’s agenda…this one, with a certain Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy.

I recently went searching for Buzzfeed posts about Mr Darcy (as you do), and I found this one: ‘17 Jane Austen Characters, If They Were on Tinder.‘ The post got me to thinking (which is rarely a good thing): What would it be like to go out on a date – a date – with Darcy, or Knightley, or Mr Wickham, Edward Ferrars, or perhaps Colonel Brandon?

Let’s say you have one week to date five Austen men. Colonel Brandon arrives to pick you up exactly on time. It’s a chauffeured limo with the works – a bar, a stereo softly playing classical music, a sumptuous interior. The driver informs you he’s waiting for you at Pemberley and you’ll be dining there together.

) and, with your help, we aim to make a high quality short film that we will be proud to enter into festivals nationwide and use as a calling card in our future careers!

In the bicentenary of the birth of Charlotte Brönte, the film pays homage to the incredible literary heritage left by her, her sister Emily, and Jane Austen, a heritage which has made us fall in love with unforgettable characters made of unforgettable words.

They have gifted us with examples of women as strong as Charlotte, and have reinforced our fantasies with their charming male counterparts.

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