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We’ll be alone as we read and he won’t see how vulnerable we look. Being A Man Men aren’t raised to express their tender emotions.Little girls have more permission to cry and say, “You hurt my feelings.” If little boys tried to process their feelings, they might be shunned from the playground for years. So it’s a leap for a man to gather his courage, take a deep breath, and do something uncomfortable like share a vulnerable feeling, in-person.Why should we take that time to say it face-to-face, especially when we are so busy?I’ve heard him make his own negative jokes about his roommate and they are definitely not a couple. Dear Disappointed in Denver, Every week as a therapist, without fail, I hear stories like yours of hurt feelings and painful miscommunication stemming from the use of technology. It is less scary to state a vulnerable truth when typing alone on your screen, compared to looking into someone’s face and seeing his reaction.

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I can’t stop checking my phone for his texts but at this point I really don’t expect to hear much from him.

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