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For entry into Ukraine you must legalize the visa in the Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine abroad.The term of the visa may be prolonged on the territory of the country. Visas should be obtained from the Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country or Consulates General.No visas are required for citizens of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Mongolia, Yugoslavia (except Slovenia and Croatia) and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (except Turkmenistan).To obtain a visa an applicant must submit: a valid passport, re-entry permit or refugee travel documents with at least one free page for a visa. One completed application form printed or written in block letters. For more information contact Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Mykhailovskaya Str. (38044) 293 4488, 293 0596 E-mail: [email protected] The information of the goods or values passing through the Customs of Ukraine must be inserted into the declaration.

When exiting Ukraine travellers may take the following items (customs duty free): - 85 hryvnya - ,000 + currency obtained in Ukrainian bank (bank permission for export is required) - currency and goods for personal use reported on entry in customs declaration - gifts and other goods with the exception of prohibited items - goods purchased for Ukrainian hryvnya not exceeding the shipping cost of the goods, i.e. NOTE: removing art, medical equipment, animals and plants requires special permission from Ukrainian authorities.

PROHIBITED to import into Ukraine: - means of transport that are more than eight years old for permanent use on the territory of Ukraine, or to be sold or broken in component parts, except for the cases mentioned above - strong, poisonous, radioactive, explosive substances, other objects that can harm the population and animals or contaminate the environment - printed materials, cliche, films, negatives, photos, movies, videos, computer disks, scripts, records and other audio recordings, drawings, and other printed materials that contain propaganda about war, racism, genocide etc - objects (goods) that are imported against the rules of industrial or intellectual property - food products without appropriate certificates.

You must indicate what and why you are importing and some other information on the request of the Customs officers.

One person can import into Ukraine: - vodka - one liter - wine - 2 liters - tobacco goods - 200 cigarettes (or 200 grams of the goods) - beer - 2 liters - food in the sum not exceeding 50 Euro (in equivalent).

Travellers can orally declare the items (goods) specified in the following paragraph when going through customs.

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Items (goods) valued at less than 200 Euro, which are imported (forwarded) by citizens into the customs area of Ukraine and handled by the scheduled railroad or air service in accordance with interstate agreements on transportation or sent by international mail (excisable goods included), or in case of the importation of a single indivisible article valued at no more than 300 Euro (excisable goods not included).

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