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Fol­low these dat­ing dos and don’ts to mas­ter mod­ern dat­ing eti­quette and you’re almost guar­an­teed to make a great impression.

These dat­ing eti­quette tips can be fol­lowed on your first date or even your sec­ond and third.

It also doesn’t mat­ter if you met at work, through friends or online, the basics of proper dat­ing eti­quette are the same.

Women like for a man to lead so it’s best not to make her drive you.

If you’re pick­ing her up, don’t drive too fast or openly dis­play road rage.

If you hap­pen to drive a con­vert­ible, don’t drive with the top down when it’s freez­ing cold out­side just because you think it’s cool.

Also don’t com­plain about hav­ing to pay valet park­ing.

If you’ve arranged to meet her some­where, be punc­tual and don’t leave her to sit at the bar alone.

This imme­di­ately breaks the bar­rier and makes it eas­ier to touch her later on.If you are able to get her com­fort­able and laugh­ing she may touch you play­fully.Make eye con­tact to show that you’re pay­ing atten­tion to her and avoid the temp­ta­tion to stare at her breasts (no mat­ter how good they look).Look­ing down at your food shows a lack of con­fi­dence and look­ing past your date’s head at peo­ple pass­ing by shows a lack of inter­est.Also def­i­nitely don’t ogle other girls around you, even if they do hap­pen to be bet­ter look­ing than your date.

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Each woman has a dif­fer­ent opin­ion about what con­sti­tutes an appro­pri­ate touch from some­one she just met and it also depends on the venue.

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