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And while this might seem annoying in the beginning, it really helps to keep out the cheats and scammers.Another good thing that Lovestruck now offers is verification through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.You can also immediately see, which members have been verified through that – not that it’s complete proof that they’re honest but as close as you can get in this modern world.There has to be SOMETHING that you can say about yourself.Successful online dating is all about knowing how to stand out and catch someone’s eye.One thing we should point out is that Lovestruck proofread users’ profiles carefully and they have their own rules one must adhere to.All profiles are carefully processed before they go live.

Writing a narrative about you is generally the hardest bit on an online dating site.

You know you have to sound clever and funny and yet true to yourself therefore you are probably tempted to write something along the lines of: If you want to know more about me, just ask. We can’t advise you strongly enough not to write such an intro – there are hundreds if not thousands of intros like that on online dating sites and we honestly don’t think that anyone would be very interested in ‘asking more’ after reading something as bland as that.

The good thing about signing up is that you don’t need to spend a long time writing up your profile before you can start browsing.

All you need to do, is come up with a username and password, specify the gender you’re interested in (Lovestruck also works for gay and lesbian daters), choose the area where you work and live – and that’s you sorted.

You can sign up and start browsing the profiles straight away, seeing what’s on offer and how other users have built up their profiles.

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