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I also learned that he is 5’10” and blood type B—in case, you know, I needed a transfusion down the line.

And because I find car racing about as fascinating as a game of Go Fish, I wasn’t especially titillated by 22-year-old Formula One star Noel Aijima.

That left Ryoichi, described as a 26-year-old sadistic novelist.

With my real-life love life proving to be as fruitful as a bowl of Crunch Berries (that is, no fruit), I decided to give simulated dating a go—partly out of curiosity, partly for fun, and partly for this story. After previewing a handful of the hundreds of otome available in the Apple Store and the gaming platform Steam, I finally discovered You are an editor at a women’s magazine covering the opening party of a casino in Roppongi, the nightlife district of Tokyo.

While I was exhausted from playing games with real dudes on Tinder, the notion of playing an The first step in my video game romance was choosing which otome to play—was I looking for a lover who would pamper me? There you meet a famous actor, bestselling novelist, charismatic plastic surgeon, and a top F1 racer.

Your personal interview is arranged in the VIP room.

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A totally gorgeous—and slightly dangerous—love is waiting.

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