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"Metal finds are not only crucial forms of evidence for dating Britain's prehistoric past, but also tell us a great deal about prehistoric society and economy.

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The tantalizing prospect of the Middletons’ “double duchess” situation moved a step closer to reality on Friday after it emerged that Pippa Middleton is dating her long-term admirer and former roommate, George Percy, “Prince of the North” and heir to the Dukedom of Northumberland.

Percy, Britain’s most eligible bachelor, is heir to a vast inherited fortune estimated at 0 million.

He has known Pippa since they were in college together and is one of the group of Pippa admirers whom Pippa’s former boyfriend, England cricketer Alex Loudon, is known to have had a problem with.

Pippa and George met at Edinburgh University, a short hop from Northumberland and not far from St. They shared an apartment and hung out with a group of aristocratic undergraduates known as the "Castle Crew,” a privately educated set of privileged students who spent their weekends at country houses around Britain rather than remaining on campus.

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