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Still, the service has seen continued stable growth and global expansion, even as the market for mobile hookup apps explodes.

Users are attracted, perhaps, not only to the site’s titillation and intrigue but also to its emphasis on discretion, the site’s homepage boast that Ashley Madison is “the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters.”For a site that pretty indisputably celebrates and encourages adultery, it’s curious that early on in his conversation with Schumer, Biderman circles back a few times to talking points that appear to tout the platform primarily as a means for couples to explore swinging and open marriages together.

In actuality, this demographic appears to be represented by only a small percentage of accounts.

Biderman lectures Schumer about how people “don’t really understand the concept of monogamy.” But the idea that a smarter-than-the-rest-of-us-Biderman just so happens to have it all figured out is a tough sell.

, well-ordered, and home-loving inhabitants, as well as for the somewhat confined scope of its sympathies; but in which, be it said, there are odder individuals, and, now and then, stranger occurrences, than one meets with almost anywhere else.

The Toronto-based service, found in 2001, claims that around 30 million users from more than 30 countries regularly log in to pursue some form of infidelity.

A 2012 lawsuit filed by a former employee paints a slightly different picture, however, alleging the creation of at least 1,000 fake accounts in a stint to encourage paid subscriptions during a new-market launch.

[The lawsuit was dismissed without costs earlier this year.] For comparison consider Tinder, released only a few years ago in 2012 and which reportedly now hosts between 40-50 million active users, or, a hookup/profile-matching service with a similar function to Ashley Madison, but which currently serves over 50 million members.

“Most people don’t negotiate monogamy in their own marriages,” he continues, his voice wavering right around the pitch of that the same is true regarding his own marriage.

A bold move, considering that in an interview for an Australian news and commentary program, Biderman confessed that if he discovered his own wife using Ashley Madison, he “would be devastated.” Naturally.

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