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After trying to give Chat Roulette the benefit of the doubt with more than a week of visits, I am convinced that the site's users are not reporting the myriad of flashers who flock to the site despite warnings against broadcasting sexually explicit content.Without being too graphic, I’d say one out of every six people I was connected with on Chat Roulette was willing to flash their private parts at all hours of the day, making it extremely unfriendly for our underage Internet users who might stumble upon the site.Visit Their Website The theme is simple enough: sign in, click a button and randomly connect with new friends via webcam around the world.But, while you might visit Chat to meet a total stranger, what appears on your screen may be more than you bargained for.Despite high marks for surprisingly good video quality and an exciting community of users, Chat Roulette is little more than a foray into the pornographic or sophomoric and not a community conducive to meeting new people.

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Chat Roulette's Low Down Dirty Details Upon first glance, the site leaves much to be desired aesthetically.

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