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I didn't set out to be a dominatrix, but it progressed from my doing more fetish-orientated shoots with other models, and then transitioning to meeting men in hotel rooms for dominatrix sessions.

When you are doing outcalls, safety is always a big concern, as you do not know who you will meet. I bought some equipment, and clients started to see me at home.

To become a dominatrix, you need no formal training.

However, not every woman who holds a whip could be called ‘Mistress Whiplash’.

There are lots of misconceptions, the first being the image of the leather-clad mistress with raven black hair, holding a whip in a dungeon, with slaves in cages. In general, men are more open to varied sexual experiences.

The second is that a dominatrix is just a kinky sex-worker or escort. I have infrequently seen couples, but I often got the feeling it was the man who was the initiating force behind it.

I believe some men like to experience taboo things, and often don't feel they are able to communicate that to their wife or girlfriend, or they know that it would not be approved of in the bedroom.

After a short time, being a headstrong young woman, I became uninterested with this world, and wanted to do something that empowered me.

I wanted to be in control, not standing in a cold room in provocative poses while someone leched and leered over me.

Being a professional dominatrix means you have a good knowledge of the BDSM scene, and you are able to command attention without having to scream at a person.

Well, perhaps I see myself as control freak and do not like feeling out of control.

Within my relationship, my desire for control can cause power struggles, and in stressful times I can become controlling over how much (or little) food I eat. It is about asserting control over someone who enjoys the relinquishing of power in whatever way they enjoy.

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