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But somewhere in that noise-filled misadventure, the two start to fall in love.

In a transcript provided by Warner Bros Pictures, Barrymore and Sandler give an insight on their friendship and making movies together. DB: If you respect somebody, you can make it in love or in lust or happiness or sadness or humour, but, for me, it all stems from respect.

In all three movies, we have the pleasure of falling in love, and for the first two I faked it, but on this one I really did. DB: Yeah, and then every eight years I call you up and say, ‘We need to meet for lunch.’ And then I say, ‘It’s time.’ AS: And this time, Mike Karz found a script that was good for us.

I know she’s pulling for me and we just have a nice friendship.

And no matter what’s going on, I’m always pulling for Drew and I feel the same about her whenever I’m doing something.

We’ve always been good friends, and check in on each other as much as possible.

We both have families, but we’ve always stayed in touch.

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