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Palace Address: Hey, We want you to know that we have a big variety of avatars from preps to goth to bonitas to silent to thug and more! On an unrelated note, and the Palacetools Directory have been down. We've also added a second pally just for housing..we've expanded to fit your needs. Palace Address: Looking for a cool place to kick back and chill, Internal Screams is the palace you have been waiting for.

We are just now getting our clans up and they're filling up FAST for positions, so you MIGHT want to HURRY and come! So if your favorite palace isn't up yet, it should be soon! Well that about wraps it up, we hope to see you at Forgotten Lies! Forgotten Lies, the truth is remembered, but lies are forgotten....

We've had a prom while ago and it was VERY successful! If you want to know EVERYTHING come on over and check it out! Boasting user controlled apartments and clan houses (non member rooms so they don't get deleted), well over 500 avs, and a very userfriendly interface, . This was due to a network outage, and we are in the process of bringing them back online. We're currently hiring experienced wizzes who can make doors, change backgrounds, make rooms, put in scripts, and has worked at a pally before.

No firm date on when they will be back online at this time. come to the palace and check out the website and to fill out a form for what you would like.

We have clans, houses, apts, back accounts, making a school, movie theatre, towns, jobs, getting music, clubs, and a suggestion room. I know Palacetools is hard at work to get their services back up. We offer clan houses and apartments and are currently hiring.

Palace Address: Drowned Intuition, one of the most fastest established Palaces on the Internet, takes pride in offering a friendly and fun atmosphere for people of all ages. Play games, shop for av's in our av rooms or edit your own! A good place you can find avatars, and can hang out at...

Stop by and chat with us, download some music, and don't forget to fill out a wiz app!!

We have alot of classic rock, rap and hip-hop, ambient, electronic, etc.

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We are updating our music rooms and currently have hundreds and hundreds of full songs.

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