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It is a disaster for the Mercedes team, but hurts Hamilton more than Rosberg as he remains a whopping 43 points behind in the drivers' championship - now with one race less in which to claw back points.The crash meant Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo took over the lead of the race, with his 18-year-old team-mate Max Verstappen running behind him in second, in his first race for the team since joining from sister outfit Toro Rosso.Mercedes chief Niki Lauda immediately blamed Hamilton for the crash. We could have won the race,” the three-time champion said.“Lewis was too aggressive.” When asked what the team would do with the drivers he said: “First I need to talk to them myself, listen to the explanation, and then we will see.” Hamilton and Rosberg arrived back in the paddock, both still with their crash helmets on, before heading straight to the Mercedes' debrief truck.

The British world champion tried to hit back immediately and was forced onto the grass as he attempted to re-pass his team-mate.

But with Rosberg trying to cover, Hamilton ran out of road and clipped the rear of the German's Merc, sending them both spinning out into the gravel trap.

Anita Pallenberg is probably best known for her romantic links to three of the original Rolling Stones. She became a model and appeared on covers of magazines such as Vogue. Subsequently, she left him for Keith Richards in 1967.

She had a brief fling with Mick Jagger on the set ...

[on how her long-term relationship with Keith Richards ended] That boy of 17 who shot himself in my house really ended it for us.

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  1. ) for the blacks & line-work, Warm Gray Copics for the marker shading, Sharpie Poster-Paint Extra Fine Point for the white highlights, using cut 14 x 17 Borden & Riley #234 PARIS Bleed Proof paper for Pens. hahha I ran into this randomly and actually posted this reminds me of the artist from Danger Girl... Her eye contact with the viewer emotes the constant plea she makes to every visitor to the palace: HELP ME!