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- Created a Player Alt Mana bar that will always show the player's mana amount regardless of their primary power type (so that Druids and Monks, plus other classes in 7.0, can see mana alongside their other resources) - Fixed how cooldowns are initialized to help them cooperate better with mods like Omni CC (ticket #205) - Updated the Stagger bar with the new Stagger support in Dog Tags so we don't have to figure out and format values ourselves.v1.9.18 - Fixed the lag indicator sometimes completely covering the castbar when interacting with certain in-world quest objects - Improved some debugging tools v1.9.17 - Use the GCD spell for calculating GCD time (ticket #204) v1.9.16 - Added option to ignore the game's configured custom lag tolerance when displaying Ice HUD's lag indicators (ticket #201) - Fixed "Show during cast" for classes with 0 when not full, and the player being OOC with a non-full bar) v1.6.1: - user-submitted change care of JX: Added "Display when ready" option to Custom Cooldown bar to replace "Display when empty" toggle.- added an optional icon to be displayed alongside a custom bar and cooldown bar that shows what spell the bar is tracking.default is off - integrated a user-submitted cleanup of how we were managing bar texture clipping after 3.3.3's mess.v1.10.4 - Fixed Maelstrom using the wrong alpha setting when the bar was empty - Fixed reliability of visibility of the Absorb modules.They were sometimes showing up when they shouldn't and could be slow (or fail) to actually display when they needed to.v1.10.3 - Fixed incorrect texture drawing behind power counters v1.10.2 - Fixed errors popping up when playing as tank classes with the Resolve module enabled in 7.0 (Resolve isn't a thing anymore) - Fixed the castbar disappearing mid-cast sometimes when it shouldn't in 7.0 v1.10.1.1 - Fixed Slice And Dice error introdued in 1.10.1 that prevented the Sn D module from working and the options from opening v1.10.1 - Fixed the "low threshold" flash being in the wrong location after rotating a module 90 degrees - Fixed bar rotation not resetting properly when changing profiles from one with rotation enabled to one without - Fixed the Harmony Power and Holy Power Hide Blizzard Frame options generating errors and not working in 7.0 - Fixed the new 7.0 power types (astral power, insanity, fury) using the wrong alpha setting when the bar was empty - Fixed mana colors on the Target Mana bar for the new 7.0 power types (insanity, fury) v1.10.0 - Updated TOC for 7.0 v1.10 - First release supporting both 6.x and 7.0/Legion.At a high level, this means: -- Updated all class-specific resources to account for their 7.0 versions (rogues: 6-8 combo points, death knights: homogenized rune types, warlocks: all specs use shards, etc.) -- Added support for Demon Hunters -- Accounted for all 7.0 API changes such as Unit Is Tapped, UNIT_COMBO_POINTS event, etc.

Java SE Advanced offers users commercial features, access to critical bug fixes, security fixes, and general maintenance.

Early access versions of future releases of the JDK and the JRE are available for testing.

this binds the texture to the frame and calls Set Height on the frame instead of the texture as well as unifies the "reverse direction" behavior a bit - added protection against giving a custom bar/cooldown/counter an empty name causing it to disappear from the options list - added a feature to display a different cast bar color (red by default) if a target's spell is non-interruptible.

took implementation from blizzard frames (including mid-cast event hook).

Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE 8 users upgrade to this release.

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