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A set of twins who share the same body have celebrated their 18th birthday in the United States. have two hearts, and two spinal chords, but share the same torso have lived their lives side by side.The teens who enjoy swimming, playing the piano and recently got their drivers’ licenses said they had no intention of being separated.The girls have beaten the odds and doctors’ expectations to reach their milestone.It is believed there are only four sets of twins who share the same torso and have survived into adulthood.Their parents, nurse Patty, and carpenter Mike 48, decided not to have the twins separated at birth despite the risks.“From the first time we saw them we thought they were beautiful,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

“We want to be mums, but haven’t thought how it would work,” Abigail said.The girls passed their driving exams with two separate licenses and two separate tests.Abigail worked the pedals, and Brittany used the indicators and they both held the steering wheel.Abigail loves pink and all things girly but Brittany prefers purple, multi-coloured hair and wearing unusual hats, and now they have turned 16 they love to experiment with makeup and clothes and giggle about which boys they like.But that is where the similarity with other teenage twins end.

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