Introverts dating introverts

There’s reason to think, however, that it’s not introversion-extraversion, , which influences how satisfied people might feel with their partner.

This personality dimension does not exist in isolation from other attributes such as neuroticism—the tendency to be anxious and worried—and level of openness to new experiences.

The problem with the Australian team’s study was that, as comprehensive as it was, it failed to examine the entire constellation of personality traits when examining introversion.

The personality dimension of introversion-extraversion is one of the five basic qualities that psychologists use to differentiate individuals.

An introvert will be no more or less likely to help you when you need it, based on this study’s findings. Looking at the broader scope of satisfaction with the relationship, Australian psychologist John Malouff and colleagues (2010) examined the findings of 10 studies on personality and relationship satisfaction among heterosexual partners. Moreover, the relationship satisfaction of the introvert’s partner itself was lower than when an individual's partner was .

This finding held true even when the research team considered the possibility that introverts may tend to marry other introverts, inflating the apparent relationship between personality and satisfaction.

But what does this mean for their close relationships?

Can you truly experience intimacy if you don’t openly express your feelings? How does it feel when your partner prefers silence to your desire to keep up a steady stream of conversation?

Introversion, then, with its associated characteristics of aloofness and a tendency to be withdrawn, might prove to interfere with the support you feel you receive from your partner.

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