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My best friend is a delightfully colorful person, walks to his own drumbeat.

One day he just up, and said “I’m gay”, being naive, and very sheltered had an idea what it was, but not so sure.

Over the years he’s acquired a taste for colorful outfits, mostly mine.

Drew the line on panties, after he hid his boys in a pair, they never felt right.

We learned how to apply make-up together; he even taught me how to stuff a bra properly.

Back to family; to say painful word to antagonize him, would have hurt me.

Living my life as I do sometime puts requirements to fulfill, not all I enjoy. Most the people who attend are arrogant, thinking their lives are better than others.

Being who I am, saying what I’m thinking, asked Daddy at breakfast.

Daddy; A Texan, with two great loves in his life, family, and The Ranch nothing else mattered.

His answer was “happy”; my brother spit up milk, then was slapped up side his head for opening his mouth to say something.

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Now that I know what it is, still associate it with Happy.

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