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This includes making a post about anything & it can be even about your favorite food or drink, inshort, you can discuss anything under the sun. You can Replace your links with their links & every time some one clicks on the links, you will get the money.You will get paid when you start a discussion on any topic, post a reply to discussions or post a comment. For example, if your link is you can replace it with can click on the link to see how it works if you are new to it. You you can upload files, which Includes anything & you will earn money when someone downloads the files.There are millions of people downloading stuffs everyday or searching to download.

However with increased down lines or referrals this will become more & more easier as you will get credits depending on their surfing.

Here you will get paid for discussions in the forum.

Do You think you can make $$$$$ figures of income from Online with no investment & no skills? If 'yes' was the situation then everyone in the world would buy a computer & beat Bill Gates in a year! so its better not to think about making huge money online without investment. Once you have the money in the account you can request for money transferred to your bank account or can request for a cheque payment. Say you have 10 referrals & if you click 4 ads a day(mostly there will be four) you will earn 4c & from 10 referrals, you will earn 20c(50% ref earnings). If you join 10 Bux sites, you will earn around a month & this might vary depending on the sites. The credit ratio may be 1:1, 1:2 or another, which means for visiting one site you will be given one credit or for visiting 2 sites you will be given one credit.

They are a must for you to Earn Online without any investment. The timer may be for 10 sec or 20 sec depending on the credits given.

You can assign these credits to your site & your site will get 100 unique visitors.

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