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I print off their comments and it gives me a great and easy way to assess what they understand about the experiment. My kids do some really interesting culminating activities with electric circuits and land and water.

I can’t wait till school starts back up there and I can share some of your wonderful lessons, pictures, or videos on the site with other teachers. I really enjoy it because it allows you to become more familiar with one subject and focus your time on one area.

Keep in mind that the site is a wonderful way for the students to collaborate with one another after an inquiry experiment and it is FREE! Sammie, I have 8 classes total (4 classes of 4th and 4 classes of 5th). My 4th grade kits are: STC electric circuits, STC land and water, STC animal studies, and I will be teaching a FOSS kit (human body) for the first time this year.

EX: pulleys: flag pole, window blind, stage curtains pulley. They had to be back in the room at a particular time, or they lost points.

Kim, What a great idea to cover the topic of simple machines!

I love your hook idea to engage the students in making real life connections. They are lucky to have such a creative teacher to lead them.

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How have the items on this site helped you in your classroom? Kim, When I taught fourth and fifth grade, we rotated classrooms for instruction.

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