Lucas grabeel and olesya rulin dating

Unfortunately, this is my only job skill.(At Sharpay Evans’s locker)(Gabriella walks to Sharpay)Sharpay Evans: I understand you’ve moved every summer for the past five years.

Zeke Baylor: Yeah, my folks will match whatever I make this summer, but first I’ve got to get hired. I’m saving for a car……(Taylor Mc Kessie walks in front of Chad Danforth)Chad Danforth: So I can take that girl on a proper date. My Mom promised I’m here until graduation next year. Gabriella Montez: Sharpay, we got off to a rough start, but you came through. Gabriella Montez: And, actually, I appreciated the opportunity to rest my voice for the spring musical. Sharpay Evans: So they say……(Gabriella Montez grabs newspaper from Sharpay Evans’s locker)Gabriella Montez: The second show on the third Friday wasn’t everything it might have been, but the media is so easily impressed.(In the Locker Hallways with Taylor Mc Kessie, Martha Cox and Kelsi Nielsen)Taylor Mc Kessie: Gabriella and I have had five job interviews, but we keep getting beat out by college kids.

I keep hearing my parents talk about what college is going to cost. Gabriella Montez: Those breathing exercises……(Does exercise and accidentally pushes Sharpay Evans to locker)Sharpay Evans: Delighted to assist a fellow Wildcat. What she really needs is new product for her wayward hair.

Gabriella Montez: I have Red Cross training, so I can patch myself up afterward. (Everyone laughs)(At Gabriella Montez’s locker with Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez)Troy Bolton: Your summer activities consultant has arrived. After basketball camp, we’ll see movies, download music, a little karaoke, and I’m definitely teaching you a twisted flip on the skateboard. Ryan Evans: Evidently not to Troy Sharpay Evans: But it’s summer, Ryan! Bolton: What I saw out there just now looks very, very strong, guys. Darbus has snapped her cap Chad Danforth: Dude, you’re actually listening? So use these incipient summer days and weeks wisely and well……Troy Bolton: Ms. Please note that I've made some changes to the script.1. I know they didn't have it in HSM2, but I wanted it to start in HSM2 and then grow more into HSM3. Your future greets you with its magic mirror, reflecting each golden moment, each emboldened choice.

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