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According to the dating app Tinder, which collected data on the jobs listed on user profiles with the highest ratio of right swipes to left swipes, it’s pilot for men and physical therapist for women.

You might have read about this study in ’s Liz Zhou pointed out that the list of words used disproportionately by men on Ok Cupid profiles includes several words related to professions, like “engineer,” “software,” “musician,” and “construction,” while the only profession on the list of words used disproportionately by women was “nurse.” (Women were more likely to use words like “girly” and “sassy.”) In June, the U. version of Match released its own list of hottest professions based on users’ stated preferences: Women were most interested in doctors, dentists, and veterinarians; men were most interested in teachers.

That same month, asurvey found that Brits were most attracted to soldiers, pilots, and nurses.

Two months before that, data from the “date auction” website Whats Your Price—in which men make cash offers to women for a first date—revealed that CEOs, financial advisers, and software developers were the most likely to have their request for a date accepted (perhaps because their offers were disproportionately high).

(Both sexes wanted to date doctors.) In April 2013, infidelity site Victoria Milan commissioned a survey of 1,000 Australians and found that women thought soldiers were the sexiest professionals while men preferred women who worked in “sport/recreation.” In 2007, speed-dating site Fast Impressions polled 413 Australian users and found that though men found models sexiest and women found athletes sexiest, both genders thought doctors were the most dateable.

And an even older poll from identified the sexiest professions as firefighter, flight attendant, and CEO. As you might guess from their inconsistent results, these pseudoscientific reviews don’t give us much meaningful information.

They tell us more about the users of dating websites and apps—who skew young and college educated—than about Americans (or Brits or Australians) in general.

And since the companies behind these studies rarely provide granular data, they can make results sound stronger than they are.

One of the few studies that did reveal numbers, that U. Match ranking, showed that the most attractive male profession (medical/dental/veterinary) was the choice of just 6 percent of female users.

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There’s also the question of what “sexiest” really means when it comes to jobs.

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