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July 21, 2016 Facebook Connectivity Lab announced the first full-scale test flight of Aquila, our high-altitude unmanned aircraft that can be used to bring affordable internet to remote locations.

The Artie Awards are an annual ceremony honoring Buffalo's actors, designers and directors.

The annual event is also a fundraising benefit, with all proceeds from the evening (along with proceeds from area theatres' sale of Red Ribbons) going to ECMC's Immunodeficiency Services.

Running naked around the fictional city of Steelport wiping out rival gangs with mind-controlling octopi delivered some of the most fun I've had this year.There may be a tendency to dismiss Saints Row as a Grand Theft Auto clone (it isn't) or as juvenile antics (it is) but when you just want to indulge in some mindless violence and sexual depravity, this will more than suffice.Saints Row the Third takes you out of Stilwater, the setting for the first two games, and drops you into the new city of Steelport.Three local gangs are well-entrenched, but the Third Street Saints aren't going to settle for fourth place.Your job throughout Saints Row the Third is to take over this new city and crush the competition.

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After an intro mission sets up your exit from Stilwater you'll get the chance to customize your character.

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