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These articles talk about the journey of discovery into the problems of tying your heart with those who are not similar in faith.

In the first two articles, in particular, “Authors Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz discuss why the temptations —and dangers —of dating non-Christians are very real.

Please prayerfully read the following articles and consider what God is saying to your heart —especially in light of the verses addressed to the church in 2 Corinthians -18.

It lends itself to problems because of the dynamic of living together in a fallen and sinful world.

But when you put the added pressure on top of it, of living in partnership with someone who comes from an entirely different spiritual reference point, it compounds the problems dramatically.

That’s the reason we want to provide you with several links to some thought-provoking articles and videos, which are posted on different web sites.

It’s a Q&A video on the subject of “Dating a Non-Christian.” You may find this very insightful:“Why would you want to date someone where it could lead to marriage —the closest human relationship you could ever have, when Jesus, who is closest to you personally, they don’t share with you? God is part of your identity —it is who you are.”“When you date someone who’s not a follower of Jesus, one of two things happens, and the 1st one is —you put God at the center and that person you’re dating is always on the outskirts, and you feel like you’re always separating because you’re trying to get closer to God, and they can’t understand that …so you drift…

OR …you put the person at the center of your relationship and God is on the outskirts, because they don’t share that & when you have decisions, it makes you drift apart from God.

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