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For starters, I must make this declaration crystal clear as possible: I do NOT advocate nor entertain such positions as, “How to get my ex back”.

This will always make her wonder as to why you don’t seem sad or even miss her. You don’t have to shove your tongue down the throat of another girl to make your ex jealous.

Merely talking to another girl in her presence is enough to make her speculate and worried.

This also sparks jealous in the same token as she’ll undoubtedly assume that you’d fount another girl.

Assuming your ex has access to seeing your Facebook timeline (whether it be public or you and her are FB friends), start tagging other women in your posts who are hotter than your ex-girlfriend. Upload photos of yourself in the company of other women. Hence, post photos of yourself at the club, bar or doing something new than what your ex-girlfriend is accustomed to seeing from you. You always want to remain on her radar in some way or another.

This’ sure to make her click on the girls’ profiles to see what they are all about. Even if you have to beg and pay a random-hot girl to take a photo with you and her; then do it! Upload such photos to Facebook, and you bet that your ex will cry her eyes out at the mere thought of you meeting another woman. Ensure that your uploaded photos of yourself from now on, are that of you doing fun and interesting things. You should ignore her for a stretch, but always insert a periodic phone call or text (this’ at least after a week of not contacting her).

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