Modern egyptian dating customs who is john waite dating

Tradition has it that once the engagement is formally agreed, a date for a lavish engagement party is set.

In ancient Egypt, the engagement party would have taken place in a banquet hall, but the modern twist is that hotels seem to be the venue of choice for contemporary, cosmopolitan Egyptian couples.

Nowadays, a wedding and home to live in afterwards are a major expense in life, so the engagement period has become extended across the years for Egyptian couples as, like all of us, they strive to afford the cost of their first home – homes in cities such as Cairo are prohibitively expensive.

The traditional symbolizing of this event is still practised today, with two gifts from the suitor: ♥ Mahr – a sum of money paid to his fiancée’s family ♥ Shabka, a gift of jewelry to his new fiancée, likely to be of gold and precious stones if he’s fabulously wealthy!The amount of money and the value of the jewelry directly reflect both financial and social status of the suitor and his family.Not many couples realize that by taking the time-honored step of committing to each other in marriage, they are actually following a tradition which originated in Egypt.Yes, the very first relationships to be legally and religiously bound were those in ancient Egyptian society.Laid out in a series of ancient laws, both the rights and duties between the couple were organized and, in one of the earliest examples of equal gender opportunities, these laws gave wives the same right of divorce as husbands, and elevated wives to a position of great respectability.

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