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Paige Van Zant is single after splitting from Cody Garbrandt last September.

The UFC fighter knows exactly what she’s looking for in her next man, which may be Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt.

He says, "There is simply not a shred of racism in me, as a person whose whole family is formed by flight from persecution, from different people in different generations. It's one of the reasons I am a liberal." He has said of languages that "The danger is that we [in the UK] can afford to be lazy about languages, because they all want to speak English – English is the most useful, the global language bar none.But I don’t think we should allow that luxury to be a sort of alibi not to learn languages." and later at Westminster School in Central London.In 2007 he was elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats, leading his party into a coalition government with the Conservative Party in 2010.In 2015, he resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats following that year's general election at which his party was decisively defeated and lost 49 MPs, moving from 57 MPs to eight.Clegg descends from "Russia's old Tsarist nobility": his paternal grandmother, Kira von Engelhardt, Baroness von Smolensk, was a Russian noblewoman, and the granddaughter of Attorney-General of the Russian senate, Ignatiy Platonovich Zakrevsky.

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was interned, along with her family, by the Japanese military in Batavia (Jakarta) in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) during the Second World War.

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