Nick starcevic and jen johnson dating

talked with Nick about why his strategy to charm his way to a half-mil changed and how his alliances with the women in the house ultimately brought him down. The second mystery vote to evict Kail [Harbick] really messed up your game and got you evicted.

How does it feel knowing now that it was Eric [Stein] who cast that vote?

Amber Siyavus: It appears, via some pictures on the internet, that Amber is back living in Vegas.

Eric Stein and Jessica Hughbanks: Eric is back working in New York, it appears, and as far as I can tell, Eric and Jessica are still a couple. Jen Johnson and Nick Starcevic: These two are dating. I can't imagine the startling depth of their conversations. And that's really about it for the Big Brother 8 alumni.

There were two major twists, the first and most prominent being the “Nemesis” twist, wherein three sets of nemeses entered the house, not knowing the other would be there.

Dick and Daniele Donato were a father/daughter duo who had not spoken in years, Jessica Hughbanks and Carol Journey were former friends who had a falling out, and Dustin Erikstrup and Joe Barber were former boyfriends.

The second twist was “America's Player.” Eric Stein came onto was a fairly entertaining season, featuring a number of diverse personalities.

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What are they up to now, a year after their initial brush with fame? Dick Donato: Co-hosted the online Big Brother talk show House Calls during the Big Brother 9 season, will likely do the same for Big Brother 10.

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