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Assessing for delirium throughout the entire hospital system is a an important part of patient care.

The choice of which delirium assessment(s) to use is dependent on your needs, goals, and patient populations. Below are descriptions of tools available for use in non-ICU hospital settings: The Delirium Triage Screen (DTS) was designed to be the optional first step of a two-step delirium monitoring process for very busy clinical environments.

An excellent systematic review on a number of delirium assessment tools can be found at Wong et al. The DTS is a 20 second assessment designed to rapidly rule-out delirium and reduce number of formal delirium assessments needed.

The Brief Confusion Assessment Method (b CAM) is a delirium assessment that takes less than 2 minutes to perform.The b CAM is a modified CAM-ICU designed to improve sensitivity in non-critically ill patients and uses objective testing to determine the presence of inattention and disorganized thinking.Like the CAM and CAM-ICU, a patient must be inattentive (cardinal feature of delirium) in order to be b CAM positive.Inattention is assessed for by asking the patient to recite the months backwards from December to July.For additional details of how to perform he b CAM, see the download links below.

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