Pagdating nang panahon karaoke

Also, it is advised that you transact only with sites which are on the recommended list.

Update 2 – for Administrators of these websites: Do leave a comment below to update me of the status of your business, particularly those who are on the launching phase or have become inactive.

Also, if you wish to be among the “Recommended” list, then kindly send me an email.

If you know or discover a new group buying website that offers deals for Pinoys; OR if you see that any of the “launching” and “inactive” sites above have become active, then kindly leave a comment below so I can update this post.

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you can offer your reviews and thoughts about these group buying websites.

What product or service did you avail and how much money were you able to save. 🙂 Update 1 – for Everyone: I also added a status on each of the sites.

“Recommended” means that at least two people I know have been able to get their coupons from the site.

Group buying, social buying, collective online buying, crowd buying – they all mean one thing.

It’s getting deals and discounts through the power of bulk buying.

This is not your typical mall sale promotion, but really BIG online discounts with deals going up as high as 90% off the original price.

Seriously, if you’re planning to buy some new clothes, get a new gadget, dine in an expensive restaurant, stay in a five-star hotel, experience that luxurious massage or anything and everything else – it pays to visit these group buying websites first and see if they have the right deal for you.

Below now is a complete list of all the group buying websites available for Pinoys.

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