Quaker dating system

After continued resistance against adopting a Catholic invention, Britain finally converted to the Gregorian calendar on 14 September 1752, so starting with this date, dual dating no longer applied to Britain and its colonies.From the period of 15 October 1582 (the official start of the Gregorian calendar) to 13 September 1752 (the day before the start of Britains use of the calendar), Britain and its colonies used a system of dual dating to represent the dates of both calendars.

Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar on 24 February 1582, but the first countries to use the new calendar did not adopt it until 15 October 1582.Over the next several years, more and more countries converted to the Gregorian calendar with Turkey being the last in 1926.Dual dating is a confusing concept misunderstood by many.The Internet contains much information about the topic, but few sources present the information properly.In fact, there is a lot of misinformation on the Web that serves only to confuse the subject even further.

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