Religions against interracial dating

I posted a link to it on my facebook Page; Inter-racial Couples for Same-Sex Marriage.I am a part of an inter-racial couples and I believe we need to declare bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional as we did with Loving.Please visit and "like" my page if you agree to show support /pages/Inter-racial-Couples-for-Same-sex-Marriage/114099548632459 I think this is a very interesting writeup.However, I would find it very useful to have more footnotes, especially to court decisions where these laws were upheld.I don't know, how does banning gay marriage help exactly?) Try and prove this ain't a junk law, because right now, that's all this ban looks like: Even more useless junk.As a mathematician, and not a historian by any means, I can only give a lay person's view of this.It would be similarly useful to have references to religious and political leaders and their statements on interracial marriage so that the parallels to the gay marriage debate can be more easily drawn (and debated fairly).

That is not to say that such documentation doesn't exist, simply that I don't see it here.A ban on gay marriage looks a lot like one of those junk laws that don't make sense unless you're some fundamentalist screwball, a knight of the Ku Klux Klan, or just plain off your head on angel dust.Yeah, probably a bit blunt, but really, bans on female actors, bans on witchcraft, bans on blasphemy, bans on interracial marriage, bans on un-american activities (????????? The main arguements for a ban on gay marriage I've seen are "Because God said so," (disputed and shouldn't the First Amendment thing about 'no law picking sides in the great question of what God said' make that one ineffective?), it'll be bad for any kids they adopt or have (what makes you so sure all married couples want kids? Maybe something saying "have at least N children in C years or your marriage will be dissolved"?And kids are sawn off faeces by nature (something schools need to be better at dealing with anyway if you want a better society), you don't need to have gay parents to draw attention, so protection from ridicule don't work either,) or it'll make marriage somehow less special (What, like having the earth orbit the sun makes us earthlings less special?

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Also, brace yourself, but: We're not even at galactic centre, we're way out on this arm of stars off to the edge of the Milky Way,) or it'll aid tax cheats who want to file jointly (Bit of a stretch, you file jointly, and your personal possessions are legally co-owned by your partner, not to say people won't enter these things failing to consider that, but if that's going to remain a problem with straight marriage ...

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