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From the lofty height of his column on the Daily Telegraph, he had this to say on Monday about drug-taking in sport: “There is only one (remedy) which has not been considered.

How about letting all sportsmen – and women – take drugs?

” Actually, this idea has been considered by many folk, including the readers of this column.

But, the people are sick to death of mass immigration and the 12 billion plus dished out to corrupt regimes.

The way to scare him is to make sure we have a General Election quickly after the vote, then boost the image of UKIP instead of the negative rubbish we are fed.

The implication was that there is some vast conspiracy against white kids. By and large, kids do well at school if they come from families, cultures and communities which cherish education and recognise the importance of discipline and homework. But how many of them are betrayed not by the schools but by the attitudes and values of their own families? And so, of course, are the Lib-Dems whose relationship with the EU could best be described by that charming French phrase comme cul et chemise (as close as bum and shirt-tail).

Little Jimmy don't need no edukashun 'cos he's gonna play for Arsenal, innit? David Cameron will deliver, tight-lipped, the phrase he used after his defeat in the Syria-bombing debate: “I get it.” The corridors of power will echo to the hum of minions trying to look busy. IF the politicians have no intention of making Brexit work, how about the Civil Service?

LET us leap ahead to the morning of Friday, June 24. But nothing will actually happen, because those entrusted with making it happen have absolutely no intention of doing so. Only a few days ago the former cabinet secretary Lord Gus O'Donnell whose power in Whitehall led to him being known by his initials, GOD, warned it was “highly unlikely” that exit terms could be negotiated within two years and the process might take ten.

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To the astonishment of the pundits, Britain has voted by a massive 70 to 30 per cent margin to leave the EU. This sounds suspiciously like the British Establishment giving formal notice that it will prevaricate as long as it takes to wreck the exit and keep the UK in the EU, no matter what the people want. Look at how long the Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough inquiries dragged on. Cameron and his Mob haven't the slightest intention of leaving the EU regardless of the outcome on June 23rd.

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