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We did eight, nine, ten takes per size because we wanted to give a bunch of different alternates.

We didn't know what movie we were making by the time we finished.

We were like, 'What are we going to see when the movie comes out?

I expected her to be more like her character than she is in real life and she's not; she's the complete opposite, she's so sweet and she just does a really good job at playing the bitch.

Our scenes were really fun together because I never knew what to expect or what she was going to do.

I actually don't have that many scenes with Bella if you look back at the movie.

It's more us fighting than anything else." "The stuff with Mae was a lot of fun.

There's a lot of improv in the movie; we'd do one on script and then he was like, 'Give me something else,' and I grabbed him and said, 'I have something, but you have to promise if it comes across douche-y, you won't use it in the movie.' So I didn't tell Mae, and she came across the corner and I started doing the bounce, and she started laughing and it ended up being the take we used. I was still friends with everybody else." So, you don't think the girls saw you guys as popular or not popular? I had a weird little high school growing up, it was high school and my hockey team, and it was great. One of them is in LA right now where I'm not but should be." *laughs* *laughs* "The nice thing about shooting that movie is that the director gave us a lot of freedom. I had my core group of friends at high school, not necessarily the jocks or any specific thing, just my buddies. I was really close with my hockey team, so on weekends we went to parties with hockey friends. Whenever I shoot in Vancouver, one of them lives there, so I see him all the time. I played a lot of hockey, I was closer with my hockey team than with my high school friends. I saw that more at others schools, but not at mine.The line is written after I kiss her, 'I'm more of a tongue guy myself.' She says, 'Yeah, I noticed when your tongue was in my stomach' — [that] was the written line.

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