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He and his son Walter Alvarez published the theory of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs long before it has become common knowledge. She said she learned of the plan via email from Amador Garcia. This is not what my father would have wanted," Wanda Garcia said. Natalia Contreras, reporter, Caller Times [email protected] D Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. Recently, I hear about Luis Walter Alvarez awarded a Nobel Prize, for hisdiscoveries. Fate of civil rights leaders clinic at risk by Natalia Contreras Educator Jaime Escalante Being Honored in US Postage Stamp Richard Montaez , first Latino on the Board of the Southern California Leadership Conference ISLA: The Empowering Speaker's Bureau From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange by Tina Aldatz 33 Below: The Story of the Chilean Miners Four New 2016 American Latino Television Series My good friend, William F. by Gilberto Quezada Examples of City Governments' Action Against Christian's Civil Rights Here Are the Police Officers the Media Should Have Talked About in 2015 The United West US Congressman Ruben Hinojosa to retire in 2016 LULAC Applauds Confirmation of Luis Felipe Restrepo to U. Amador Garcia said Thursday he has drafted the paperwork for the transfer and intends to sign it. Garcia] told the Caller-Times she wasn't included in the decision and doesn't think the transfer would be legal because of the foundation's lapsed nonprofit status. Forum 501c-3 mission statement may not be appropriate for the transfer.] "For many, many years my mother and I tried very hard to get that building back," Garcia Akers said. His legacy is in us, in the veterans and in the patients he helped." Her focus will remain on current work with the Dr. Garcia Memorial Foundation and plans for a library at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Ramirez Joel Reyes Frances Rios Letty Rodella Alfonso Rodriguez Viola Rodriguez Sadler Tom Saenz Joe Sanchez B. Thonhoff Gilberto Quezada Thank you for all your wonderful information. Saavedra [email protected] thanks for the lead & google, I was able to find information on father and son, included below. One of the reasons he cites for the failed attempts is an injunction secured by Cecilia Garcia Akers, the late leader's other daughter, that prevents the GI Forum from using his name and likeness to raise funds without permission. "The problem is exacerbated because once the building is rehabbed, there has to be monies in place to continue to maintain it." Wanda Garcia, [eldest daughter of Dr. They will have to tear it down and my father's legacy is not in that place. But this week the foundation president Amador Garcia, the late leader's cousin, wrote to board members saying the funds couldn't be raised and that the GI Forum was interested in taking the property, possibly selling it and paying to have the foundation's nonprofit status reestablished. In 2014, one of Garcia's daughters, Wanda Garcia, announced with other foundation supporters plans to raise 0,000 to restore it and work toward a Veterans' and Family Outreach Center. Officials with the Corpus Christi-based National Archives & Historical Foundation, which has owned it since 2002, had long hoped to raise the funding needed to preserve it.

Garcia's civil rights work once thrived are unlikely to ever become a reality."He is, without question, a very deserving subject," Betts said.Mimi Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Roberto Calderon, Ph, D. He said Escalante's legacy in Los Angeles makes him an ideal candidate. According to Roy Betts, a spokesman for USPS, the committee vets tens of thousands of suggestions every year. [of Civil Rights advocacy][An investigation is underway concerning liens against the property made by the Corpus Christi-based National Archives & Historical Foundation, to determine if the monies had been used to maintain the property.]G. Forum of Texas executive director Gil Rodriguez said the forum is discussing plans to sell the property along with other unoccupied properties the organization owns state-wide. "Our biggest concern has always been getting the resources to restore it and it belonged to Dr. We are only discussing it at this time." [There is some question whether the G. Escalante, who died in 2010, was portrayed in the film "Stand and Deliver" by actor Edward James Olmos.

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Both are/were California natives and professors at UC Berekley. "They can't give away the building." She said the building should be preserved to continue her father's legacy. Forum to do what they want with the building," Rodriguez said. path=/news/local The late educator Jaime Escalante, whose work with inner-city students was the subject of a 1988 film, is being honored with a postage stamp this year.

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