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Para los beneficiarios de este régimen las semanas necesarias serán 1000, y en ciertas ocasiones las personas pueden adquirir su derecho a pensión de vejez con 500 semanas cotizadas.Las personas que no son beneficiarias del régimen de transición necesitarán desde 1050 a 1300 semanas cotizadas, dependiendo de la fecha en que se cumpla la edad mínima necesaria. Régimen de ahorro individual con solidaridad: Es administrado por los fondos privados de pensiones.En este régimen no son tan importantes la edad ni las semanas cotizadas, ya que lo realmente importante es contar con un capital mínimo necesario para poder financiar una pensión.Imagine that you walk into a restaurant anywhere here in the US, it looks good from the outside, on entering you are made to feel welcome, you sit down, look through the items on the menu and order what is seemingly described as delicious food. Régimen de prima media con prestación definida: Es administrado por Colpensiones, donde existen dos requisitos fundamentales que son un número mínimo de semanas cotizadas y una edad mínima.

Sorry, didn't you fully read the menu that describes the terms and conditions?The restaurant never claims to offer original daily fresh cooked food, we offer only what our suppliers can deliver that day. No, certainly not, the menu is quite clear and if you do not agree to all that is written on the menu by the owner then you must leave the restaurant, if you decide to stay then you are deemed to accept the menu as described and accept what is delivered to your table.There are no guarantees or warranties whatsoever from owners of US registered websites in the highly unregulated business of dating and marriage agencies.This is a huge multi-million dollar industry where HRB and it's sister websites merely 'host' the product delivered by local Ukrainians and other East European affiliate agencies who are busy in the business of co-ordinating all the photography, the hiring of studios, hair-stylists.make-up artists, language interpreters, models and model agencies.

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These affiliates, marriage and dating agency websites all earn a slice of the multi-millions of dollars each year, all paid for in full by monthly subscriptions from thousands of men who sign up to a service that initially delivers hundreds of inviting 'template' letters from 'photoshop' profiles to their inbox each day, and then sucks in their hard earned dollars faster than a vacuum cleaner when men write letters, purchase expensive credits for chat and 'pre-recorded' video with different 'women' (affiliates and interpreters) whose only interest is to earn money.

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